If you’re reading this, I probably give a fuck about you.  I know I said 365 was my personal blog, but it’s not.  Although it’s pretty honest, it still was a hopeless attempt to make my shittiness seem less…shitty and more pretty. This page right here will not feature any sugarcoated apologies, instead it will serve as a safe space to process my own thoughts and emotions, and for others to do the same.  If you happen to stumble upon this and like what you see, feel free to subscribe, I am open to friendly dialogue.  If you happen to stumble upon this and don’t like what you see, that little “x” in the top right of your browser is there for a reason.  Please keep the negative comments to yourself, I don’t want your unsolicited advice.  If you cannot do that, then get the fuck off of my blog.  And to those who find my posts painfully familiar, I hope this expression of myself will not only be a source of healing but also a reminder that our lives may be less complex than we believe them to be. Peace.



*Disclaimer – I am not obligated to explain myself and/or the things I write about.

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